Fix: Tutuapp Won’t Download/Not Working/Unable to Install

Technology reduces our work and provides the most accurate results but sometimes using it becomes an another task. TutuApp & Tutu Helper is the best place to download for various applications and games for free. Many of the times users may face difficulty in installing TutuApp or if it is not working. TutuApp may not be working due to many reasons no matter you are using iphone, IOS or android device.

You may face problem while its installation or after its downloading. It may be happening that it won’t support some applications or games.

For fixing all these issues, TutuApp developers are being contacted for dealing in trouble facing in operating TutuApp VIP, TutuApp and Tutu App helper. Most of the time such issues occur due to heavy traffic on server of TutuApp.

However, the developers are always try to fix these issues and release the updates at regular frequency.

TutuApp Not Working

Before trying for any remedy, it is suggested to check that the latest version has been installed as sometimes older versions create problems. Another easy way to fix error while downloading Tutu App or Tutu App helper is to clear the app data or cache memory. You may also uninstall the app and reinstall to get out of it. Generally, on IOS and android devices, this steps gives fruitful results.

You may also give a try to below steps for fixing “Tutuapp won’t download” error and not installing error.

  • Go to your device settings and reach to “Reset Network Settings”.
  • When you tap on reset network settings tab, it will ask for confirmation.
  • Once you confirm, your device would restart.
  • The system then asks for the WiFi and password for reconnecting because connection was lost while resetting.
  • Connect it again by entering your network details.

Unable to Download

In cases where you are facing issue with downloading TutuApp or you are unable to download TutuApp, you are available with two simpler options. One is you may clear app data and cache so that your device and network works more promptly. In order to clear app data and cache, you have to go in device settings where you find option to clear TutuApp and cache data. Another way to resolve it is to uninstall the TutuApp and then reinstall it again from the store.


In all cases where your TutuApp or Tutu Helper stops working or you are facing problem in its downloading or your TutuApp Not Working, the very first thing which you should do is to update the latest version of your application. Even after it if the problem persist, you may go for the reinstallation of your app or check your network settings.  These suggested steps will surely help you to find the way out of it. If still the problem exists, you may also contact to the developer. This will be easier if you are using the premium application or Tutu helper VIP.

Fix: Tutuapp Won’t Download/Not Working/Unable to Install
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