inDriver Apk – Save on Trips Around the City and Long Distance Trips Around the Country!

You had been many times booking a taxi and paid a big amount of fare to the taxi service. The online booking services charge taxi fare to their customers according to their policy per kilometres for a total length of ride. You can save a huge amount of money by using an alternative method of booking taxi service. The inDriver app for Android is such an app that helps you save a good amount on trips around the city and long distance rides around the country. Through inDriver android app, you will set fares for a ride and they will decide which deal is to choose from that will be affordable for them according to rides. By booking rides through inDriver for android you get 30-50% cheaper rates of fares than taking normal taxi services. By installing inDriver apk you get the best deal on your rides after you get inDriver apk download on your android phone through suggested method below.

By using inDriver app you get rides on the go after you set a particular amount for a ride and start getting offers for a lift from nearby taxies and you don’t need to call for a taxi, hiring a taxi in advance. You just need inDriver app and get the taxi on the go in 2-3 minutes of average waiting time. It is also very easy to use, as you just fill up pickup location, destination and reasonable fare offered by you and the nearest taxi drivers will contact you very soon. You get a lot of freedom and choice while using inDriver for Android as you can specify the details about the ride such as the type of vehicle like Minivan, specify your route, request for an extra seat. All the facilities you can get through this inDriver apk download on your android device.

inDriver for Android has an essential inter-city mode for long distance travels; along with it, you can most possibly find a truck as needed if you have extra luggage. inDriver android app provides completely safe and secure services as you can see the name of the driver, brand and model of the car you are booking, license plate, the previous record of the driver. The review that the other passengers given over the inDriver app will help you in filtering right drivers and finally place an order with the right decision. The inDriver app service is available in countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Mexico and you can get benefited from its services after inDriver apk download your android devices.

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inDriver Apk Download

  • inDriver — ride app where you offer your fare Screenshot
  • inDriver — ride app where you offer your fare Screenshot
  • inDriver — ride app where you offer your fare Screenshot

Now change the scenario by ultimately saving a huge amount on cab booking when you offer a favorable price for your own ride and then let the drivers decide on which deal they are comfortable after you get the inDriver download in your device by following some simple steps of instructions given below:

  • Click on the download button provided below to download inDriver apk.

  • You will be redirected towards installation page for the installation
  • Then tap on “install” button.
  • A pop-up will be shown, click on the accept button where some permissions from your devices will be given.
  • Then click “accept” and “install” button to continue the installation

Hence when you get notified about “installed” message on your notification bar menu, then your inDriver app is ready to be launched. Finally, you are all done after completing the process by inDriver download in your device with the help of easy and simple given above you can simply install inDriver apk as the installation process given here is simple and fast. So get the inDriver without any problem and following long process of installation.


The inDriver app is the complete game changer in the system of cab booking as you have to offer a reasonable fare for cab ride not by the taxi services. Hence you get significant savings in your taxi cab booking as the traditional cab booking charge you more than 30-50% higher. You just have to set the price for a ride and after that, the drivers will contact you if they find your deal convenient. In inDriver android app you got the freedom on deciding fares and other things that make your ride more safe and comfortable. Just get inDriver apk download on your android device to get all the features and services and make your ride enjoyable.

inDriver is money saving, safe, convenient, and it gives you freedom of choice which makes its services and features ultimately unique and extraordinary from the traditional cab booking services. For saving your money and getting other benefits you should definitely go for installing inDriver apk on your android device.

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