Hibernator Apk – An Easy Way To Stop All Running Apps, Saves The Battery And Improves Performance!

Our Android smartphones are not just a medium of communication but have synchronized the whole world into it. Therefore, it’s quite natural that it needs a strong battery power. Youssef Ouadban has developed an amazing tool to save you battery power and boosts up your device performance. It’s none other than hibernator app, which acts as a powerful task killer for your phone that has the ability to kill all the tasks and unnecessary process. Hibernator Android app is a great attempt to improve your device functioning. The best hibernator app is here, which offers 5 useful features including task killer, speed booster, RAM cleaner, Battery saver and CPU cooler within 1 single application.

The way we make use of our Android smartphones, it’s really essential to have hibernate apps to save power and what we’ve brought to you today is one of the best hibernation app for Android. To download hibernator, there’re 2 simple ways, one is to get it from the official Android app store as we’ve shown you in the below-guided steps for hibernator download or visit any third party source and go for download hibernate apk. Installing hibernator Android is free via both the way, no matter what suits your phone.

Besides saving battery power and speeding up your phone, hibernator app for Android also close all the running apps and tasks in the background that unnecessarily drain your battery. App hibernator Android version supports user and system apps and remove irrelevant widgets. Automatic closing of apps when the screen is off cooled down the phone temperature and reduces CPU usage. So, if you’re the owner of Android smartphone, why don’t you’ve hibernator app.

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Hibernator Apk

  • Hibernator -  Hibernate apps & Save battery Screenshot
  • Hibernator -  Hibernate apps & Save battery Screenshot
  • Hibernator -  Hibernate apps & Save battery Screenshot

The battery is the lifeline of any smartphone device. If your phone has run out of battery, it is of no use to you unless you charge it again. Thus, long battery power is of utmost importance for such smartphone users who’re dependable on their phone for their major activities like email management on the go. So, get ready to install hibernator app on your phone and enjoy the long battery life.

Step 1: Click below link to download hibernator Apk.

Step 2: Open the above-given link.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Install’ button.

Step 4: Hibernator android app will require accessibility permission to your device.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Accept’ to grant such permissions.

Step 6: Hibernator app for Android will then start installing on your device.

Step 7: When hibernator app downloading completes, the installation will auto start & showing you a notification “Hibernator installing”.

Step 8: And then finally, you’ll see the message on your screen reading., “Hibernator successfully installed”.

As you see, how easy it’s to get hibernator app for Android smart devices. Please note that hibernator android app doesn’t collect any of your phone data and is quite safe and secure app to use.


With the increasing use of smartphones, long and robust battery life is the major issue which has been now resolved to the great extent by hibernator Android application. Hibernator app boosts up your device performance by closing all the background apps and task when the screen is off which in turn improves the device performance and battery life. Once you download hibernator, you’ll notice that your phone battery drain relatively slower than before. Not only that, app hibernate android version also takes care of cooling your phone by closing background running apps. This will also free up a significant storage on your phone to install any new apps.

Considering the user interface and app design, it’s among the best hibernator app with sleek and simple navigation. For hibernator download, just follow the above given simple steps with the ready link of Google play store or opt for app hibernator apk download. We hope that you’ll enjoy the speedy device performance with enhanced battery life with hibernator app. Let us know your views about this app.

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