TutuApp iOS Download – Install TutuApp VIP on iPhone/iPad/iPod

TutuApp iOS: Every tech geek in the world must be familiar with the following situation – you find out an intriguing application from an advertisement or heard someone gossiping about it. You quickly grab your mobile phone; open the stock app store to check the app out and end up in disappointment but have you tried TutuApp VIP? This is not because the application is not interesting anymore but because the app store is asking you for money to download the application on your mobile phone. I’m sure this has happened to you. Isn’t this annoying? Well here is a solution for this with the TutuApp for iOS.

TutuApp VIP

 TutuApp iOS is a third party app store developed by a Chinese based company. It is one of the best alternatives available for the Apple App Store. It contains most of the apps available on the Apple App Store. It also has all the paid apps on the official app store but guess what? It has all of them for free. Yes, you heard it. TutuApp charge no money at all for downloading the same apps you are asked to pay for on the Apple app store. Isn’t that great? If you’re surprised already, I would ask you to hold on because TutuApp also has modified and hacked versions of official games like TutuApp Android Pokemon Go available on its market. This makes the TutuApp iOS one of the best apps available for the iOS platform right now.

Key features of TutuApp for iPhone

  • Most of the paid apps on Apple app store are here available free of cost.
  • Cache cleaners and mobile scanners built in.
  • Jailbreak is not required for iOS users.
  • Provides already modified applications on its stores.
  • Wide range of applications to choose from with a smooth user interface.

TutuApp iOS Download

TutuApp download iOS is now unfortunately unavailable officially on the Apple app store as it violates some of Apple’s terms and conditions. However, it is completely safe to use for users if downloaded via its official website. Here is how you download it off the official website. You can also check: TutuApp for PC.

  • First of all open Safari browser on your iOS device and make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • Next, you will have to type “tutuapp.vip” in the address bar, and wait till the page opens.
  • Now a list with all options will start appearing on your screen, and from this list you will have to choose Add to Home Screen option.
  • After doing so, a new page will appear on your screen and then you rename the icon of the app and again you will have to click on Add option.
  • To make your iOS device run Tutuapp apk file, you’ll have to navigate to Settings -> General Settings -> Device Menagment.
  • A list with all profiles created will appear, click on one of them.
  • Now click on Trust.
  • A confirmation box will pop-up on your screen, all you have to do is to tap on the Trust option.
  • Once done, TutuApp will be added to your home screen, from where you can open it and start enjoying it’s features.
  • Now, two tabs named VIP and Regular will start appearing on your device. You will have to top on Regular and then tap on More icon.

TutuApp.vip Free vs. TutuApp Regular

TutuApp highly recommends downloading of the VIP version of the application over the TutuApp regular free version as it provides faster updates, more customization, faster download speed and much more – more details available on the official website. This is not even the main reason for the company’s recommendation. According to them, VIP is recommended due to TutuApp regular’s weaker security and instability – the regular version could crash anytime if certificate revocation by Apple is to occur. The VIP version which charges $12.99/year however is said to be more secure and safe to use. It has close to no possibilities of crashing.

How to use TutuApp for iPhone

Once installed, TutuApp iOS works the same as any of the official app stores work on all kinds of mobile device. The user just has browse through all the applications via the search feature or filtered genres and download the desired application. After downloading the desired application, the application works the same way as any of the apps would if download from the Apple app store which is really cool.

Final Verdict…

TutuApp is a reliable Chinese app store available for download via its official website. TutuApp for iOS 10 was recently released on its website. The company also released an English version of the app which was a big flaw in the application according to its previous users. The app has recently hit a massive rise in its downloads after this. It now has over a million downloads according to the app company. After completing an overhaul of the application, hardly anyone in the world is bound to get disappointed with the app the company claims and has surely proven it too. The app is definitely worth trying.