How to Use TutuApp? – An Step-by-Step Guide from Installing to Using TutuApp!

TutuApp is the hub for all the mobile applications. It is the another alternate for Google play store. It is the popular third party app store for android and IOS devices. Users of android may find it difficult to get some of the applications from play store due to premium to be paid or might be some applications restricted for their device. In such cases, TutuApp is the best app for users to download any application like Pokemon Go or of their choice absolutely for free that’s why We’re here with the article; How to Use TutuApp. It provides all the paid apps for free to download. You may get any number of apps for download from here. You may enjoy interesting games for free from Tutuapp store. Tutu is available for both android and iOS device even you can use TutuApp on PC too, which is generally used.

If you are looking for something like this, you are taking a right path. Enough of the introudction, Moving forward to learn more about TutuApp and its installation.

How to Use TutuApp

Operating TutuApp is as that simple as your phone or any other app. You do not require any special assistance or tool to use this app. Here is the briefing of Tutuapp installation to assist you better with this.

Click here to Download TutuApp for Android

As already mentioned in our introduction that this app is available for both android and IOS users. Here is the process to Download TutuApp;

TutuApp for Android

Download TutuApp APK

  • Visit the homepage of the app, by opening it on your android phone or apple iOS device.

Best TutuApp Apps

  • You will see the suggestions for different popular apps and games.
  • You may either log in with your own personalized account or go ahead without an account also. For registering, you may tap on the app icon on the top left corner beside the search bar.

TutuApp Icon to Register

  • After creating your account, you may check out for various interesting games and apps of your choice.

TutuApp Marketplace

  • Search for the app or game you are looking for and reach to its page upon tapping it.

TutuApp Games

  • Click “Get” button to install.

Pocket Monster APK Download

  • You may find different sections for apps and games. There is also a option to search for. For your ease or priority, Tutuapp categarizes the app according to their rating or number of time they are search for.
  • If the app is already installed on your device, you may update the same.

TutuApp for iOS

  • Download app on your iOS device.
  • You may find it difficult to install the app on your Apple device due to unsigned certificate. You may go to settings – Apps – Tutuapp – Trust this app.
  • Once you open the app on your phone; you may use Google translator to understand in app options.
  • Search for your desired app in the search bar. You may use categories to save time and limit your search.
  • Download the app you searched and enjoy the app for free.

Tutuapp is one of the most useful app for all types of users. If you read the above, you must have known that how it works and be useful to you. The app is same in both the cases, however it may differ in the contents only.


This app is absolutely free from annoying ads and easy to download. We have tried to collect all the information here for you. We hope you find it useful and enjoy your favorite apps.

You are now well known about the TutuApp application you can also check some TutuApp Alternatives from here. and how it works. This article about How to Use TutuApp will definitely going to be helpful to you. Share this further and give us your feedback.